Fixed-port Access Routers

ADTRAN NetVanta  Fixed Port Access RoutersNetVanta Fixed-port Access Routers offer a cost-effective, secure, business-class solution for SMBs or remote workers using broadband networks, from an Ethernet hand-off from cable subscribers to the most advanced ADSL2+ technology.

This portfolio includes the NetVanta 300 Series for access to the most advanced ADSL2+technology; the NetVanta 3100 Series for secure connectivity using DSLcable; and the NetVanta 2000 Series for secure, high-speed connectivity for remote workers.

What router is right for you? View the NetVanta Router Comparison Matrix to determine which router will meet your specific needs.

Products by Line/Family
  • NetVanta 3100 Series
    • Part Number: 1700341F1    
      High-performance Fixed Port Secure Access Ethernet Router
    • Part Number: 1700340F1    
      High-performance Desktop Fixed Port, Secure Access Ethernet Router

NetVanta Routers

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