Total Access 1100 Series

The Total Access 1100 Series broadband access systems represent an innovative approach to the successful deployment of universal broadband and fiber to the node (FTTN) architectures. Recognizing the technological and economic barriers of traditional cabinet-based DSL deployments, ADTRAN designed standalone, weatherproof broadband access systems to eliminate the need for expensive cabinet enclosures, heat exchangers and site construction, which account for a large portion of the total cost of deployment. Depending on the density, 1100 Series solutions can deliver services for 50 to 75 percent less than traditional cabinet-based DSLAMs, while dramatically reducing the initial circuit costs. This allows carriers to more effectively utilize the capacity of the copper network over the last mile.

The Total Access 1100 Series environmentally-hardened Broadband DLCs allows service providers to deliver baseband POTS and broadband multimedia to any customer over a single phone line.
ADTRAN's innovative Fiber to the Node (FTTN) broadband access systems dramatically lower the total cost of deployment in a FTTN architecture.

Total Access 1200

ATM DSLAMs & FTTN Broadband Access Systems

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