Multisite SIP Networking with Local Survivability

Our NetVanta 7000 Series will support SIP Networking between multiple locations. With the SIP Networking in AOS A2, businesses will be able to connect multiple sites and have three- to four-digit dialing, local call routing and survivability, and on-net calls for toll bypass. The NetVanta 7100 and 7060 are best for locations that need local voice mail; while ADTRAN’s NetVanta 6355 IP Business Gateway provides the ideal solution for locations that will use a central NetVanta 7000 voice mail. The remote site NetVanta 3448 router or 6355 can provide local survivability as well by continuity to route intra-office calls, or where provisioned, directly to a local PSTN for guaranteeing phone service.

- Links multiple sites together
- Supports inter-office, three- to four-digit dialing
- Provides local PSTN access

Multisite SIP Networking with Local Survivability

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