VLAN and Layer 3 Switching

The NetVanta 1335 Multiservice Router with integrated 24-port Fast Ethernet Switch provides managed switching features, like VLAN trunking and GVRP, to ease the configuration of larger VLAN networks. Up to 24 Fast Ethernet ports may be configured for 802.1Q VLAN functionality to provide separation of broadcast domains and functional work areas, while Layer 3 switching capabilities are used for high-speed inter-VLAN switching. The 1000Base-T or fiber Small Formfactor Pluggable (SFP) Gigabit uplink ports can be used for VLAN trunking to another switch or for link redundancy.

VLAN and Layer 3 Switching

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  • NetVanta 1300 Series
    • Part Number: 1700515G2#120    
      Single-slot Multiservice Router with a 24-port Ethernet switch, IPSec VPN, and Voice Quality Monitoring (VQM)

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