Load Balancing and Failover Using BGP

For an automated approach to load balancing and failover, NetVanta routers can share bandwidth between ISPs using Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). With BGP, “best route” routing decisions are made automatically between ISPs, and in the event that one connection is lost, the NetVanta switches traffic over to the remaining ISP in service. This maximizes bandwidth usage and provides a high-speed disaster recovery scheme, if needed. In addition, for a safe and controlled Internet surfing experience, NetVanta routers integrate with Websense®, a leading provider in Web content filtering.

Load Balancing and Failover Using BGP

Products by Line/Family
  • NetVanta 3300 Series
    • Part Number: 1202880E1    
      Two-slot/Dual Ethernet Modular Router with a stateful inspection firewall, QoS and supports up to three-T1s
  • NetVanta 3400 Series
  • NetVanta 4000 Series

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