Cost-effective DS1/DS0 Grooming

The MX410 and MX412 are mini-DS0 cross-connect systems providing full control over bandwidth at the DS0 level, allowing full utilization of DS1 bandwidth. With the MX410, up to four T1s of bandwidth may be dropped to multiple locations or devices and with the MX412, up to 12 T1s of bandwidth are provided and are accessible at any point along the DS1 path. DS0s can also be assigned to a variety of interfaces including Ethernet, V.35, and a single-port FXS interface, depending on the chassis selected. Full drop-and-insert capability provides DS0 DACSing and
grooming at any point on the circuit for fractional or full T1 applications.

Cost-effective DS1/DSO Grooming

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  • MX4 Series
    • Part Number: 1189500L1