TDM Voice and Data over an IP Network

The MX408e provides TDM transport over an IP-based packet network using Ethernet or Fiber for the Wide Area Network (WAN) connection. This provides a cost-effective means for customers to utilize a dynamic IP network service offering, while maintaining existing T1 TDM voice and data infrastructure at the customer premises. Up to eight fractional or full T1s of voice and data traffic are supported. PBX traffic can be transported transparently over Ethernet or IP/MPLS networks with voice quality maintained using Quality of Service (QoS) and adaptive timing recovery. Four Ethernet interfaces are available for connecting LAN devices with up to 256 Virtual LANs (VLANs) supported for traffic separation. Remote management makes the unit easy to configure and maintain. This versatile platform preserves investment in existing TDM infrastructure while reducing leased line costs and offering the benefits of a resilient packet network.

TDM Voice and Data over an IP Network

Products by Line/Family
  • Total Access 600 T1 TDM Series
    Fixed-port TDM Integrated Access Devices
    • Part Number: 4203624L1#TDM    
      Integrated Access Device (IAD) providing a single T1 network interface, 24 analog FXS interfaces, V.35 serial port & 10/100Base-TIP router

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