Total Access 3000 ATM / TDM / DSLAM / HDX Chassis

The Total Access DSLAM is designed for market-ready deployment in the Central Office (CO), Remote Terminal (RT), or Multi-Tenant Unit environment. It provides full DSLAM functionality serving up to 224 ports in only ten (10) inches of rack space. The Total Access 3000/3010 DSLAM also provides tier-two and edge switch capability, offering T1 IMA and DS3 aggregation.

The main components of the Total Access 3000 DSLAM are the System Controller Unit (SCU), Cell Switch Modules (DS3, OC-3c, or 128-port), and up to 28 individual line cards. Access to differentiated services ports include ADSL, SHDSL, ATM DSX-1, IDSL, Circuit Emulation Service (CES), DS1 Frame Relay, DS3, and DS1 IMA.

Part Number: 1181001L1    
Part Number: 1182003L1    

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