Total Access 5000/5006 ONE WDM Modules

The ONE WDM portfolio provides a complete, modular CWDM/DWDM solution integrated into TA5000/5006. Architected for pay as you grow scalability with some modules only taking half a slot in the TA5000/5006 for delivering 8x10G wavelengths, the ONE WDM modules deliver the most efficient, edge-optimized packet optical solution. Mini-ROADM, muxes/demuxes, OADM’s, amplifiers, and dispersion compensation are some of the ONE WDM building blocks which enable cost effective scalability from few wavelengths up to 40/88 channels of 10G (40G future).

Part Number: 1174501G1 CLEI: BVL3ATYD_ _  
Part Number: 11744xxG1    
Part Number: 1174503G1 CLEI: BVL3AWMD_ _  
Part Number: 1174980F1 CLEI: BVMBTOOF_ _  
Part Number: 117495xG1    
Part Number: 1174982F1 CLEI: BVMBC10F__  
Part Number: 1174510G3 CLEI: BVL3ANZ_ _  
Part Number: 117491xG2    
Part Number: 117495xG2    
Part Number: 1174920G4    
Part Number: 1174402G1 CLEI: BVUDAA4C  
Part Number: 1174461G1 CLEI: BVC1ACRE_ _  

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