Total Access 5000/5006 ONE Transport Modules

The ONE transport modules are designed to address service provider's needs for service-aware, multi-protocol optical transport networks.

The Transport Optical Switches feature a "system on a blade" with on board non-blocking switching and muxponder functionality enabling multi service aggregation, switching and transport over Carrier Ethernet, OTN and SONET/SDH protocols. SFP and XFP based interfaces allow for either WDM or dedicated fiber applications.

The Transponder modules convert client optical signals to ITU-standard wavelengths and provide demarcation, OTN wrapper, and regeneration functionality for high bit rate interfaces mapped onto the DWDM layer.

Part Number: 1174130F2    
Part Number: 1174131F1 CLEI: BVC1AC4E_ _  
Part Number: 1174132F1 CLEI: BVC1AC5E_ _  
Part Number: 1174121F1    
Part Number: 1174122F1 CLEI: BVC1ADHE_ _  
Part Number: 1174122F2 CLEI: BVC1ADJE_ _  
Part Number: 1174112F1 CLEI: BVC1ADFE_ _  
Part Number: 1174111F1 CLEI: BVC1ADEE_ _  
Part Number: 1174211F1 CLEI: BVL3A3LD_ _  

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