ADTRAN’s next-generation vWLAN architecture brings all the benefits of virtualization to the wireless network. vWLAN unifies wireless and existing wired networks to produce a truly integrated and optimized networking solution. vWLAN enables customers to dramatically reduce the cost of deploying and operating large-scale Wi-Fi networks while providing wired-equivalent performance to wireless users, with seamless roaming and enterprise-class security and policy management.

With vWLAN, customers can:

  • Quickly and cost-effective scale their wireless networks with vWLAN’s virtualized, cloud-hosted management and control
  • Centralize and manage users, access points and security policies via the cloud or on any mobile device
  • Stop hacking threats at the edge by enforcing security policies at the AP level
  • Ensure an always-on highly reliable wireless network with “zero’ packet-loss
  • Support guests, contractors, or vendors with built-in guest access
  • Optimize coverage in high-density environments with portfolio of high-performance 802.11n APs
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