NetVanta 800 Series, ADSL2+/VDSL2

ADTRAN delivers a new series of MEF-compliant access gateways that deliver High-Performance Ethernet to effectively support diverse, multi-site connectivity for 100Mbps Ethernet services. The product suite blends higher speed, physical layer ITU-T standards G.993.2 and 992.5 and resilient G.998.2 PTM/EFM bonding, vectoring, and resiliency standards to create massive Ethernet pipes over existing building facilities and do so with immunity of the existing DSL services noise signatures that may interfere with this newly deployed Ethernet services quality. These solutions help service providers better leverage the growing interest from enterprise customers looking to embrace cloud-based services, ensuring that ADTRAN's customers can deliver better services to more customers - sooner.

Part Number: 1172850G1    
Part Number: 1172868F1