SONET/SDH to Packet Optical Migration

TDM/PDH service expansion led to the deployment of SONET/SDH networks to support the ramp-up of new residential, commercial and mobile backhaul services. This expansion grew from ramping circuit-based T1, E1 and J1 services. This resulted in the deployment of many SONET/SDH networks to aggregate and transport these circuit-based services, many of which continue to deliver significant although declining revenue streams. Today, next-generation IP/Ethernet services are rapidly expanding as demand comes from almost every enterprise vertical ranging from healthcare to education and scaling to near gigabit per second speeds. Many analysts forecast Ethernet service revenue will grow to US$40 billion by 2015.

Service providers evolve their networks to Packet Optical technologies to improve upon the capabilities of their legacy, SONET/SDH networks to support this large influx of packet-based services. Benefits of migrating to packet optical networking are as follows:

  • Simplified remote provisioning and performance monitoring tools eliminating truck rolls
  • Reduced network complexity, space and power reduces operational cost
  • Increased access, aggregation and transport service capacity expediting service delivery
  • Improved network flexibility and simplified multi-service delivery (residential, commercial and backhaul)
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SONET/SDH to Packet Optical Migration

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