Delivering Scalable Reliability for Mobile Backhaul

The relentless demand for premium video services has put a tremendous strain on network access infrastructures as service providers look to support the resulting backhaul traffic. The growing need to stay cost competitive in the mobile backhaul and residential broadband markets have service providers in need of an efficient solution that can successfully address both markets.

In the past, parallel networks were constructed to ensure each new service did not impact the quality of another—a method that is not only expensive to build and manage, but limits scalability. Now, service providers can eliminate the need for capital intensive overlays to support 4G backhaul services and grow their overall addressable market opportunity in both mobile and residential backhaul applications through scalable service separation. This approach delivers scalable reliability by extending MEF-certified, wavelength-separated Ethernet services to provide important service isolation - key for serving individual mobile network operator that may share a single cell site or simultaneously offer residential broadband or business Ethernet with wholesale backhaul services.

  • Maintains a reliable, low cost connection between cell sites and mobile exchange
  • Provides a scalable architecture supporting future growth in service, customer and network size
  • Supports both legacy and next generation service (including synchronization) delivery and transport
  • Assures compliance to Service Level Agreements via use of performance monitoring customer web-portal
  • Minimizes the operational costs associated with end to end service activation, assurance and diagnostics
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4G/LTE Mobile Backhaul Reference Architecture

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