ADTRAN's optical access solutions deliver today's services at a fraction of the size and cost of traditional SONET/SDH multiplexers. They go beyond adherence to industry standards by ensuring interoperability with every major standards based SONET/SDH multiplexer manufacturer, offering carriers flexibility, choice, and significant cost-saving opportunities in transport and service delivery.

ADTRAN optical systems support SONET and SDH, providing a variety of fiber and copper interface options. In the optical access network, these systems deliver superior density DS1/E1 and DS3/E3 services from a variety of compact but powerful form factors.

As the demand for Ethernet services increases, ADTRAN's optical access portfolio's rich feature set supports the delivery of both TDM and Ethernet services simultaneously.

The demand for traditional TDM private line services continues to be strong and the need for optical access at the customer premises continues to increase.

Additionally, the mobile backhaul space continues to show rapid growth as the success of the wireless market drives the need for additional bandwidth at base stations.

ADTRAN's optical access systems offer the flexibility to support a mix of TDM and Ethernet, allowing carriers to grow their existing service capacity for both customer premises applications and mobile backhaul opportunities, delivering SLA-based services with confidence.
DS1/E1 access is provided via either the Quad Fiber modules (QDFC/QDFR) or ADTRAN's OPTI-6100 MSPP.
Optical DS3 access is provided either by ADTRAN's OPTI-3 or OPTI-6100 MSPP.
The OPTI-6100 is a fully configurable MSPP/optical multiplexer which supports SONET and SDH standards and provides an extensive suite of Carrier Ethernet service delivery modules.