4G/LTE Backhaul

Our 4G/LTE mobile backhaul solution combines best-in-class Carrier Ethernet and edge-optimized, right-sized packet optical technologies that minimize service latency and support both legacy and the rapid growth of next-generation services. The solution provides the operator with a service management ecosystem from which an operator can not only manage its network, but manage its customers’ SLA expectations. The following benefits are provided by the solution:
  • Supports a reliable, low-cost connection by limiting latency and reducing network complexity

  • Supports service growth and expansion without risking service quality by using scalable wavelength separation of services

  • Supports legacy and next-generation service, synchronization delivery and transport by using OTN to support SONET/SDH to Ethernet migration on a single fiber facility

  • Supports the implementation of a HTML-based customer performance management portal to verify the compliance to strict SLA via an Advanced Operational Environment
Purpose-built, environmentally hardened, versatile, Gigabit Ethernet network termination units (NTU) for cell site service delivery over copper and fiber facilities.
Highly scalable, high performance optical solutions (SONET/SDH, WDM, ROADM, OTN) for aggregating and transporting both legacy and next generation access services.

White Paper

4G/LTE Mobile Backhaul Reference Architecture

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