Point to Point/Active Ethernet

The Total Access 5000 Series MSAN supports a pure Fiber To The Home (FTTH) application using either GPON and/or Point to Point Ethernet/Active Ethernet solutions from central office, remote terminal and remote node locations. This series also offers a complete solution for migrating the carrier’s network infrastructure to support the delivery of symmetrical Ethernet services.

In order to meet advancing demands related to bandwidth, Point to Point/Active Ethernet are the preferred technologies of choice of many service providers around the world for FTTH applications. Our Point to Point/Active Ethernet solution allows service providers to fully support all business, residential, and mobile backhaul applications.

As part of our ONT portfolio, a complete line of Point to Point/Active Ethernet ONTs are available for your SBU, SFU, MDU and mobile backhaul needs. Since these deployment methods use standard Ethernet frames, no transition protocol is required. This technology provides a consistent and common approach to providing triple play services using the public communications network for:
  • Traditional telephone services (Plain Old Telephone Service [POTS])
  • High speed data services
  • Video services

Active Ethernet

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