BYOD Support with ActivChassis Stacking

As businesses and institutions continue to adopt BOYD and expand Wi-Fi coverage, they need to maximize throughput between devices, as well as ensure data availability at all times and for all users. ADTRAN’s innovative, feature-rich ActivChassis technology brings chassis-switch capability and resiliency in a build-as-you grow model. ActivChassis technology, now available on the NetVanta 1600 series Gigabit switches, allows:
  • Stacking and management of up to eight Gigabit switches as single, logical switch
  • Provides port-capacity upgrades on-demand up to 400 ports in a single stack
  • Centralizes management of switch stacks spread across wiring closets up to 6 miles apart (10 km)
  • Boosts backplane capacity up to 128 Gbps
  • Enhances network redundancy and availability to ensure a high-performance, always-on network
The result is an extremely efficient switching backplane that is fully capable of meeting the demands of high bandwidth business applications such as Wi-Fi expansion to support BYOD.


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