Mobile Offload

Mobile network operators around the world are under tremendous pressure to meet the exponential growth in subscriber demand for mobile data. The demand for data will soon exceed operator capacity and the cost to transport data will outpace the revenue it generates. Wi-Fi networks can complement cellular networks, enabling operators to deliver data services, reduce traffic congestion on the mobile network and to cost-effectively increase network capacity.

Our Bluesocket vWLAN Wi-Fi Offload solution offers operators a seamless extension of their 3G and 4G networks that enables operators to increase their network capacity immediately at minimal cost, while providing the operator with complete control and management of the Wi-Fi offload network. The ADTRAN Bluesocket vWLAN solution can support a broad range of carrier applications such as:
  • 3G/4G offload
  • Small cells
  • Managed and hosted hotspots/broadband access
  • Mobile backhaul

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