Sealed FTTN

The need for speed continues unabated. To satisfy this need, service providers are deploying next-generation DSL equipment deeper into the network and closer to the customer. This tactic affords shorter copper wire or loops, and when combined with advanced DSL technologies, like VDSL2, allows for higher service rates. Unfortunately, these performance gains are limited by bandwidth-stealing crosstalk. The leaking signals or crosstalk between adjacent DSL services impact the rates achievable by as much as 50 percent. If nothing is done about these noisy crosstalk signals, it is virtually impossible to deploy 100 Mbps on a single access line. A new technology called vectoring has been developed to virtually eliminate the main source of noise, Far-End Crosstalk (FEXT).

Vectoring is a complex but effective new capability being integrated into next- generation DSLAMs. ADTRAN’s next-generation DSLAMs include, vectoring that supports a system approach right from the start. This allows service providers to rapidly deploy premium services without the cost and delays incurred when having to constantly rewire binders and the associated stranded ports.

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