Accelerating Delivery of Ultra Broadband Services

Vectored VDSL2 (17a) and bonding utilize existing copper infrastructure, and sealed Fiber-to-the-Node (FTTN)/Fiber-to-the-Cabinet (FTTCab) solutions, to support delivery of 100 Mbps over a mile (1600 m), allowing for faster expansion of services into rural and remote locations. System Level Vectoring (SLV) solutions support high-density vectoring deployments (192-384 ports), eliminating complex binder management, lowering deployment costs, and improving ROI of ultra broadband services.

Super-Vectoring Boosts VDSL2 to 600 Mbps

Super-Vectoring boosts existing VDSL2 FTTN/FTTCab deployments to deliver 600 Mbps, that compete well with DOCSIS 3.1 and 5G alternatives. Advanced DSL acceleration technologies enable up to 10x better utilization of fiber and outside plant investments.

Global Leader in Sealed FTTN Solutions

FTTN/FTTCab could mean deploying Fiber-to-the-Pit, Pole, or Pedestal, which requires weather-hardened solutions, even submersible solutions, with multiple powering options. ADTRAN is a global leader with over 100,000+ sealed units reliably operating in the harsh climates.

Comprehensive Broadband Toolkit

ADTRAN offers a comprehensive broadband toolkit that includes widely deployed Vectored VDSL2, bonding and SLV solutions, as well as emerging Super-Vectoring and technologies, offering a path to higher service rates and operational flexibility.

Open Networks are Better Networks

ADTRAN is working with standards bodies like the Broadband Forum to develop open APIs and interfaces allowing simplified, rapid network integration of our virtual access solutions into any broadband network.

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ADTRAN offers both compact sealed and cabinet-based FTTN elements to support delivery of 100 – 600 Mbps services, scaling from 8-ports to 384-ports.

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