Premium broadband service demand and competition are pushing fiber deeper into the access network. However, delivering fiber all the way to the end-customer can be both cost prohibitive and time consuming.

Next-generation broadband technologies, such as Gfast, enable Gigabit speeds over existing infrastructure reducing zoning issues, build delays and tenant disruption. The higher asset utilization offered by FTTB/FTTdp can lower the subscriber connection costs by up to 70%.

Unprecedented Operator Interest

Since we demonstrated the industry’s first fully sealed FTTdp solution in early 2014, it has proceeded to lead the industry in Gfast trial experience, fulfilling demand from more than 60 service providers across six continents.

A New Deployment Model Met with Experience

FTTB/FTTdp could mean deploying Fiber-to-the-Pit, Pole, or Pedestal, which demands weather-hardened solutions with multiple powering options (span, local or even reverse). We are a leader with 100,000 units deployed in harsh environments from Finland/Alaska to Saudi Arabia/Arizona.

A Virtual and Versatile Access Portfolio

Our Gfast/ solutions are managed and provisioned via open source SDN controllers, and are both physical layer and chipset agnostic, ensuring rapid service deployment and service activation.

Open Networks are Better Networks

We work with standards bodies like the Broadband Forum to develop open APIs and interfaces allowing rapid network integration of our solutions into any broadband network, regardless of broadband vendor or OSS incumbency.

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The 500 Series of FTTdp DPUs/FTTB ONUs allow service providers to cost-effectively deliver Gigabit services utilizing ITU-T Gfast technology. It is the industry’s broadest virtual access portfolio spanning 1-96 ports effectively serving single-family and multi-tenet units.

Products by Line/Family

Comparing VDSL2 & Gfast

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Gfast Deployment Variants

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