Mobile Backhaul

ADTRAN 4G backhaul solutions are used to maintain a reliable, cost-effective connection between cell sites and mobile exchanges. These 4G backhaul solutions assure compliance to Service Level Agreements (SLAs) while providing a scalable architecture supporting future growth in service, customer, and network size. They are designed to minimize the operational costs associated with end-to-end service activation, assurance and diagnostics. This is mission critical as mobile network operators (MNOs) deploy real-time data services via EV-DO, LTE and HSDPA.

ADTRAN 2G and 3G backhaul optimization solutions such as multiplexers and other TDM and SONET access devices, help MNOs reduce recurring leased-line expenses, while at the same time, conserve space/ports at central office, hub, and cell sites, allowing them to cost effectively deploy next-generation technologies. Both cell site and mobile exchange solutions are offered to not only enable you to evolve to IP/Ethernet backhaul but to help manage your TDM leased line growth.

ADTRAN has TDM and IP solutions uniquely suited for any access - Copper, Fiber or Microwave - all at competitive price points.

Support T1/E1 services over a IP network using adaptive timing, no need for copper access or a remote network timing source. Supports incumbent TDM services over next generation access.
NTE that brings together the value of several ADTRAN solutions: Ethernet over Fiber NTE (NetVanta 8044), Ethernet ring (RPR and ERPS) and pseudowire solutions (MX408e).
DS1 to/from DS3 multiplexer (M13) family. A single rack unit high entry solution to compact solution which offers M13 on a blade for superior scalability.
Backhaul-optimized, packet optical solutions focused on creating agile middle-mile and metro networks that cost-effectively aggregate and transport incumbent SONET/SDH and Ethernet backhaul services.
ADTRAN provides SONET/SDH MSP platforms and purpose built SONET-compatible products.
ADTRAN offers a range of range of access solutions for use in all backhaul environments: DS3 drop and continue; CSU/DSU, Ethernet over TDM and TDM over IP.


Carrier Ethernet Access Platform: Total Access 5000

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