GR-303 Concentrators

ADTRAN's Total Access 4303, a GR-303 concentrator with digital cross-connect capability, is a low-cost platform that allows services to be delivered to a highly distributed customer base from a single switch -- without sacrificing bandwidth.

The Total Access 4303 supports voice concentration ratios from 1:1 to 16:1 and can be used in the Central Office as a GR-303 concentrator (128 DSX-1 port capability) or as a 3/1/0 cross-connect supporting multiple IADs. The Total Access 4303 supports DSX-1, STS-1, or DS3 network or switch interfaces.

The Total Access 4303 PLUS provides complete 3/1/0 digital cross connect functionality, allowing for the separation of non-concentrated data circuits from concentrated wire circuits for mixed-media applications. It includes the ability to groom and fill any DS0 onto any T3 or T1. The Total Access 4303 PLUS allows 32 T1s of DCS capability and up to 128 T1s of concentrated data.