Broadband Access

Service providers are faced with optimizing their existing network infrastructure to support advanced services, enabling not only voice and simple broadband connections to the Internet, but newer services such as IPTV and Ethernet. Historically, wireline services have been delivered across disparate networks, each with its own infrastructure and expense. However, the maturation of industry standards related to IP is enabling the convergence of these disparate networks across a unified network architecture.

While enabling this convergence can be difficult, it is clear that broadband access service providers must drive toward increased subscriber revenues through the delivery of enhanced broadband access services while simultaneously driving operational cost out of the network. This evolution requires a platform that has the capacity and scalability for these advanced services while providing a seamless migration path for existing legacy services.
Ultra-flexible, high-capacity, deep-fiber solutions for residential, business and MDU applications.
Enabling service providers to deliver super-premium Internet and video services most profitably.

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