We offer numerous solutions for T1/E1, Multi-T1, and PRI Access. The TSU Series is the world’s number one T1 DSU/CSU product line and the broadest line of T1/E1 termination equipment available. Models range from single-port DSU/CSUs to full-featured, multiport multiplexers. Multiport models accept numerous application modules for voice, data, disaster recovery, and more. Our MX410 and 412 are economical mini-Digital Access Crossconnect Systems (DACS) designed for efficient bandwidth utilization. The ATLAS Series offers the highest capacity and most advanced set of integrated networking services for multi-T1/PRI voice, data, video, and Internet convergence to reduce overall telecom costs.
Small and economical M13 multiplexer with redundancy
Provides up to twelve T1s of DS0 cross connecting including channel grooming and drop/insert
Economical and compact DS3 drop/insert  and DS1 cross connect for channelized DS3 and up to 16 DS1s
Terminate and pass ISDN PRI from the network to the equipment or convert ESF/B8Z8 to D4/AMI line codes
Cost-effective solutions for extending multiple 10/100Base-T or DSX-1 connections over exiting DS3 or DS1 copper
Provides a central site rackmount solution for terminating multiple T1, ISDN, or DDS circuits
Offers PRI to T1 conversion as well as dynamic, call-by-call switching using integral dial plan and switchboard
T1s from multiple sites can be multiplexed and consolidated across a single DS3 network connection at a central site and then provide break outs those individual T1s as needed
Offers multiple network services in a single device which is ideal for lab and training
Off load analog station traffic and enable multiple PBXs to share common WAN access
Modular TDM over IP solution can connect up to eight T1/DSX-1 interfaces, preserving existing TDM equipment while transporting across a dynamic IP network