Today, IP business communication requires the flexibility of wireless, and the assurance of a secure, protected network. ADTRAN wireless solutions are allowing businesses to streamline and improve operational efficiencies, speed network deployment, expand customer service offerings, and increase flexibility for employees. The use of a 3G cellular service is a compelling alternative to traditional wireline solutions. 3G solutions are providing a new means to rapidly turn-up businesses in difficult to reach locations or areas where wireline service may be cost-prohibitive or unavailable. 3G solutions are also ideal for disaster recovery and emergency connectivity. With the use of the NetVanta 3G NIM, NetVanta routers can use 3G CDMA cellular service as a primary Wide Area Network (WAN) connection, or as a backup/disaster recovery link. As a primary WAN connection, 3G is perfect for mobile or temporary sites needing connectivity or for locations where wired service is unavailable. In addition, the 3G NIM can deliver WAN connectivity in a fraction of the time required to install a traditional wire-line connection.