We offer versatile, innovative products to meet the demands of broadband T3 and fiber networks. For channelized or unchannelized T3 termination and M13 multiplexing, our T3SU products simplify T3 connectivity, while protecting critical broadband uptime. Bringing broadband closer to the network edge, our OPTI and OCU product lines include devices for point-to-point dark fiber campus connectivity, copper-to-fiber conversion, and SONET applications. The MX Series of M13 multiplexers provides carrier-class service, space-saving configurations, and is the most cost-effective bandwidth consolidation solution in the industry.
Small and flexible fiber connectivity solution that supports multiple 10/100Base-T, GigE, OC-3s, DS3s/STS1s or DS1s across a OC-3, OC-12 or OC-48 fiber link
Small and economical M13 multiplexer with redundancy