Internet Access

ADTRAN offers a breadth of routing solutions to equip the network for secure, cost-effective Internet access. These solutions include a variety of fixed-port routers, modular routers, and multiservice routers that perform multiple networking functions. All routers are standards-based, use the ADTRAN Operating System, and offer a breadth of user-configurable options for security, management, and troubleshooting. Products range in bandwidth from 56k to multi-T1 and dual T3s. ADSL and Ethernet routers offer further reach and higher bandwidths, up to 100Mbps, for the fastest connection.

Unique features like RapidRoute technology accelerate performance and make rapid routing decisions, even when process intensive features like Voice Quality Monitoring, QoS, NAT, and VPN are enabled. Multiple chassis selections provide versatility, allowing you to choose what you need for your specific size business, and make this line the perfect high-performance solution for Internet access.

ADTRAN Internet Access solutions:
  • Provide Ease-of-Use and Affordability
  • Address Bandwidth Expansion, High-speed Connectivity
  • Accelerate Network Performance
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership
A perfect platform to meet the high-performance needs of a high-speed Ethernet service for broadband access
Provides call routing for multi-homed networks, survivability and E911
Utilize a broadband Internet connection for high-speed network backup
Access router that offers cost-effective WAN access in applications requiring up to eight T1s
NetVanta routers that provide a secure Internet access solution to protect corporate networks from security breaches
Multiservice Router with integrated 24-port Fast Ethernet Switch that provides managed switching features to ease the configuration of larger VLAN networks

NetVanta Routers

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