Multisite Business Connectivity

ADTRAN offers a breadth of routing solutions for multisite business connectivity. Designed for networks of all sizes, the NetVanta line includes a variety of fixed-port routers; modular routers; and multiservice routers that perform multiple networking functions like routing, switching, VPN, firewall, and Wi-Fi in a single chassis. Our modular access routers combine routing and WAN connectivity into a single, compact chassis with a variety of network; voice; and backup interface modules, and are perfect for MPLS/Frame Relay, private IP, leased-line connections, and VPN. All routers are standards-based and use the ADTRAN Operating System for consistency across platforms.

Multiple chassis selections allow you to choose what you need for your specific size business, and standard, user-configurable options for security, management, and troubleshooting make this line the perfect solution for your business connections. Routers range in bandwidth from 56k to dual T3s. ADSL and Ethernet routers support further reach and higher bandwidths, up to 25Mbps.

ADTRAN Routing solutions for Multisite Business Connectivity:
  • Provide Reliable, Standards-based Connections over Multiple Circuit Types
  • Equip the Network for VoIP, Wi-Fi, Carrier Ethernet, 3G, and More
  • Offer a Variety of Ease-of-Use Features
  • Reduce Total Network Costs
  • Introduce a New Level Of Value Into Network Operations
A perfect platform to meet the high-performance needs of a high-speed Ethernet service for broadband access
Guarantee bandwidth with NetVanta switch-routers using failover and load balancing
An automated approach to load balancing and failover with NetVanta routers that share bandwidth between ISPs using Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)
Access router that offers cost-effective WAN access in applications requiring up to eight T1s
Link multiple sites together to take advantage of SIP cost savings
Routers that provide a variety or robust QoS features for Voice over IP (VoIP) networks

NetVanta Routers

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