Quad 10G OTN Transponder (TPR-10-4)

Part Number:

  • Dual channel single slot card that functions as an optical transponder with four 10 Gbps XFP ports

Features and Benefits
  • 3R functionality (re-amplification, re-shaping and re-timing)
  • 2 Channels with 2 Ports, Client and Line
  • Supported transponder modes:
    • Client OC192 to Line OTU2 synchronous
    • Client STM64 to Line OTU2 synchronous
    • Client WAN to OTU2 synchronous
    • Client 8GFC to Line OTU2
    • Client 10GigE to OTU2e
    • Client 10GigE to OTU2 GFP-F Non-transparent
    • Client 10GFC to Line OTU2f
  • Regenerator Mode Traffic
    • OTU2 - OTU2
    • OTU2e - OTU2e
    • OTU2f - OTU2f
    • 10GigE - 10GigE
    • 10GFC - 10GFC
    • OC192 - OC192 (SONET)
    • STM-64 - STM-64 (SDH)
  • Single Card Protection (line facility)
  • Dual Card Protection (line facility and equipment) with Y-fiber on client port
  • Facility and Terminal Loopbacks
  • OTN modes support GFEC, EFEC per G.975 I.4 (line ports only), or no FEC options
  • Full PM support on all ports
  • All ports support 10G XFP modules
  • Equipment Status Monitoring