Total Access 3000/3010 OC-3 Primary Switch Module

Part Number:

  • ATM switch that is used in the High Density Expansion architecture (HDX)

Features and Benefits
  • Provides OC-3 interface with the following standard features:
      - Detects and indicates OC-3 alarm conditions
      - Provides diagnostic loopback capability
      - Provides near and far-end OC-3 performance monitoring
  • Automatic Protection Switching (APS) configuration capability using Dual Fiber or Y-Fiber Mode
  • Accepts automatic system provisioning data from the PCU
  • Accepts new software downloads via Y-Modem or TFTP
  • Provides local ATM switching capability
  • Supports UBR, rtVBR, nrtVBR, and CBR service types
  • Provides UNI 4.0 and 3.1 interface compatibility
  • Supports PNNI version 1.0
  • Provides Switched Permanent Virtual Circuit (SPVC) termination
  • Supports DSX-1/E1, HDSL2, SHDSL, ADSL, IDSL, and DS1-IMA line interfaces
  • Supports ADSL, SHDSL, DS1, IMA, and other access modules
  • Provides screen provisioning and troubleshooting via menus through the PCU
  • Supports System Configuration Archival (SCA) through the PCU
  • Supports system management via the PCU
  • Supports in-band management of Permanent Virtual Circuits (PVC)
  • Provides an ATM network interface capable of supporting 1344 ports and 16,384 PVCs
  • Each shelf supports up to 224 ports and 4096 PVCs
  • Supports up to 4095 Permanent Virtual Paths (PVP) per shelf and per system
  • Provides performance history data
  • Provides system timing reference from external BITS clock, OC-3 received timing, access module, received timing, or a local oscillator
  • Supports remote management via Total Access EMS or SNMP
  • Suitable for Remote Terminal and Central Office applications