Total Access 3000/3010 Octal DS1/E1 EFM Access Module

Part Number:

  • Used exclusively for Ethernet applications
  • Works in combination with the Cell Switch Module (CSM), and Switch Module 2 (SM2)

Features and Benefits
  • Delivers Ethernet services
  • Complies with IEEE 802.3ah for up to eight DS1/E1 links
  • Performs EFM bonding for up to eight DS1/E1 links
  • Supports one to eight EFM Groups
  • Supports from one to eight DS1/E1 interfaces in a single EFM Group
  • Supports a maximum differential link delay of 16 ms
  • Functions as network or subscriber side EFM connection in conjunction with an ATM CSM or frame based SM2
  • Provides the upstream connection to a network Ethernet frame based switch
  • Provides a downstream link to other subtended DSLAM systems
  • Combines NxDS1 links into a single high-speed link to the ATM CSM or frame based SM2
  • Continues operating (at a reduced rate) when a DS1/E1 link failure occurs, and automatically restores when the failure clears
  • Provides a VT100 terminal menu interface for configuration, provisioning, status, test, and performance monitoring
  • Communicates with a Controller Unit for management functions:

  •  System Controller Unit (SCU)
     Primary Controller Unit (PCU)
  • Supports the download of new software via the Controller Unit
  • Provides a 8 kHz system timing reference from any one of the eight DS1/E1 receive clocks