Total Access 3000/3010 High Speed Fiber Line Module

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  • Gigabit fiber line module that provides and accepts a standard full duplex Gigabit Ethernet signal from a compliant source

The High Speed Fiber Line Module (HSF LM) has been designed to operate in multiple distinct applications. The primary applications involve interacting with the Total Access 1100F or Total Access 1200F. The Total Access 1100F/1200F are devices used to “host” the ever popular Total Access 1148 and 1248 DSLAMs and provide a high speed fiber connection to the network. In these applications, the Total Access 3000 may be populated with either an ATM or Ethernet switch module depending on the requirements of the existing network. The HSF may also be used with any standard compliant Ethernet device, including a switch, router, CPE or even an IAD. Please refer to the product detail page at for additional information.

The Total Access 3000 HSF module requires two slots in the Total Access 3000 chassis and has an SFP cage on the PCB for easy access. The front of the card is slotted on the top in such a manner that the signal media goes directly into the fiber routing tray installed above the chassis for a clean installation. The Total Access 3000 accepts up to 14 HSF modules or other modules can be combined with the HSF multiservice operation. The Total Access 3000 HSF supports 10/100/1000Base-LX/SX/ZX as well as 10/100/1000Base-T SFPs for a variety of customizable interfaces.