Total Access 3000 Primary Controller Unit (PCU)

Part Number:

  • Works in conjunction with the Total Access 3000 DSLAM ECU
  • PCU is installed in the primary shelf and is the focal point for all management functions carried out by the primary and expansion shelves
  • Other modules in the system are provisioned and monitored either locally or remotely, via the PCU

Features and Benefits
  • Communication with other Total Access Systems
  • Hot-swappable
  • Operates in Host or Client mode for RS-485 chaining applications
  • RS-232 via console DB-25 (backplane) and/ or DB-9 (front panel)
  • Craft serial interface ports (front panel and rear chassis)
  • Ethernet interface for SNMP (V1/V2), Telnet and TL1 over TCP/IP
  • Terminal server port
  • Provides the SNMP (V1/V2) and TL1 interface for the system
  • Supports TL1 and menu access over TCP/IP, X.25, or asynchronous RS-232
  • System Configuration Archive (SCA)
  • Security account management
  • Auto Provisioning/Copy Provisioning of access modules
  • IP Forwarding and In-band management
  • MUX Network Provisioning Storage (MNPS)
  • Supports Metallic Test Access (MTA) per GR- 834-CORE
  • Accepts external alarm inputs
  • Maintains an Alarm History Log and a System Events Log
  • Auto upgrade for manual or automatic upgrade of PCU or access module firmware
  • Concurrent Auto Upgrade for Multi-shelf HDX Systems
  • Supports Accessory Option Slot Module menu access (e.g., Total Access 3050 shelf)
  • Security Account Expiration and Password Aging
  • RADIUS server support
  • Secure FTP (encrypted SSHv2 transport), FTP, TFTP, and File Transfer Over TL1 (FTOT) support