OPTI 6100 (MX Chassis) Fan Assembly

Part Number:

  • Provides cooling for the OPTI-6100 rack-mounted system
  • Incorporates a filter and fans to provide forced air ventilation for the OPTI-6100 chassis and all of its associated modules

Features and Benefits
  • Mounts in either a 19 inch or 23 inch rack
  • Operates on either ?48 VDC, or ?24 VDC
  • Powered from the rack fuse and alarm panel
  • Alarms are reported via the OPTI-6100 chassis
  • Front panel LEDs indicate the status of the fan(s)
  • Individual alarm status monitoring and indications of one or multiple fan failures for appropriate maintenance action
  • The fan module is a plug-in assembly and can be replaced without powering down the chassis