OPTI-6100 SMX Chassis IEEE 1613

Part Number:

  • A SONET OC-3/12 optical multiplexer platform
  • Hosts OMM modules to terminate OC-3, and OC-12 fiber circuits, and tributary modules to deliver DS-3, EC-1, DS-1, OC-3, OC-12 or 10/100 Ethernet services

Features and Benefits
  • Dimensions: 3.5 inches H × 8.5 inches W × 10.5 inches D
  • Requires one System Controller Module (SCM, P/N 1184500L1E)
  • Accommodates two optical multiplexer (OMM) modules in highspeed (HS) slots, and four tributary modules in mid-speed (MS) slots
  • Rear-panel champ connectors for 28 DS-1 circuits
  • Rear-panel BNC connectors for six DS-3 or EC-1 (STS-1) circuits
  • Rear-panel RJ-45 Ethernet management interface
  • Rear-panel DB-25 X.25/ADMIN port interface
  • Front-access fiber connections to OMM and OC-3 tributary modules
  • Front-access connections to Ethernet tributary modules
  • Rack-mountable, using:
    • Single-Rackmount 19-inch Brackets (P/N 1184522L1)
    • Single-Rackmount 23-inch Brackets (P/N 1184523L1)
    • Dual-Rackmount 19/23-inch Brackets (P/N 1184517L1)
  • Wall-mountable, using:
    • SMX Chassis Wall mount Bracket (P/N 1184521L1)
    • SMX Chassis Customer Premise Equipment (CPE):
      • Wall mount Bracket (P/N 1184527L1)