MX2820 23" Chassis

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The ADTRAN MX2820 system with a 23-inch chassis houses up to 18 MUX modules to provide nine redundant M13/STS-1 modules in 2U rack units of space.

The ADTRAN MX2820 MUX modules are capable of combining independent T1s, E1s, or T1s and E1s on the same DS3/STS-1 signal. Each pair of MUX modules provides built-in 1:1redundancy on the DS1 and DS3/STS-1 circuits.


ADTRAN MX2820 19 Inch Chassis

The ADTRAN MX2820 23" Chassis
  • Reduces cost; break-even point is a few single M13 units
  • Conserves space; nine redundant M13s in just 2U of space
  • Complete reliability; 1:1 protection for all DS3 and DS1 interfaces
  • System management; single IP address for entire system configuration and advanced diagnostics

A Great Idea Gets Even Better
Using an M13 multiplexer to manage your DS1 business has its advantages—lower costs, simplified operations and new business opportunities. The ADTRAN MX2820 helps you address space, cost, heat and management concerns with a high-efficiency, space-saving M13 platform.

High Density
The MX2820 requires just 2U of rack space to provide nine fully redundant M13s in a 23-inch chassis. Using the MX2820, a NEBS-compliant 7-foot rack will accommodate 63 redundant M13 multiplexers with passive cooling or 81 redundant M13 multiplexers with active cooling.

1:1 Protection at 1:N Cost
To eliminate problems with switching relays, single points-of-failure, and design complexities associated with 1:N systems. ADTRAN’s MX2820 offers a unique 1:1 protection system. This system offers redundancy on every DS3 and DS1 interface. This is the result of ADTRAN’s custom silicon development that reduces failover switch time and increases system reliability.

Effective Cable Management
ADTRAN understands the challenges of high-density wiring configurations from bend radius to signal crosstalk and has partnerships with connector manufacturers to pioneer a new standard in dense-cable management. ADTRAN supplies a variety of cost-effective adapter cables and custom length configurations, to produce the optimum implementation to fit customer cabling needs.

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System Configurations
DS1 to/from DS3 multiplexer (M13) family. A single rack unit high entry solution to compact solution which offers M13 on a blade for superior scalability.


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