Total Access 380 Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) ONT

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The Total Access 380 MDU features four slots that will house a variety of ONTs to serve a number of applications including high-speed Internet, voice and video. For example, when four Total Access 352 GPON SFU ONT cards are installed into the MDU housing, a total of eight residences may be served with Ethernet and POTS. The flexible design of the MDU housing provides the convenience of mixing and matching various ONT models to serve a variety of individual customer needs within the multi-dwelling unit being served.

Features and Benefits
  • Flexible MDU housing for Total Access SFU ONTs
  • Serves multi-tenant applications for highspeed, data, voice, and video
  • Utilizes GPON and Active Ethernet SFU ONTs and provides and end-to-end deployment strategy with Total Access 5000 Access and Aggregation Platform
  • Houses up to 4 Total Access SFU ONTs
  • Flexible design provides room for growth
  • Simplifies sparing Hardened chassis for installation inside or out
  • Uses a common powering system with single UPS/ BBU to power all four ONTs in the MDU
  • Accommodates a 1:4 fiber splitter
  • Best in class warranty, service, and support