T1 ESF CSU ACE (4th Gen)

Part Number:

  • Interface T1 DTE equipment to Telco-provided or private T1 facility
  • Conversion for signal formats and line coding
  • T1 line conditioning and jitter tolerance per ANSI T1.403, T1.102, and AT&T TR 62411
  • Enhanced alarm status, T1 performance reports, and test capabilities
  • Transmits framed or unframed "all 1s" during signal loss from DTE or T1 network
  • Front panel keypad and LCD screen
  • Bantam test jacks
  • 12 - 48 VDC powered (on hardware rev D and later)
  • Includes wallmount power supply to convert 115 VAC to 12 VDC

  • Alternate Configurations
    • Part Number: 1204025L2    
      Standalone T1 CSU used to connect T1 DTE equipment to network T1 circuits and also supports line coding and framing conversion (AC/DC Power)