NetVanta 5660

Part Number:

This 1st Gen product has been superseded with the NetVanta 5660 (2nd Gen) 17025660F1.

The NetVanta 5660 is an integrated Layer 2/3 Gigabit platform capable of delivering the voice, video and data required to support today’s cloud computing, VoIP and streaming video business applications from a single device.

This Gigabit Access Router solution redefines cloud connectivity and provides a compelling service extension to one of the industry’s broadest Carrier Ethernet portfolios. This portfolio expansion reduces the amount of infrastructure needed at the customer premises by converging the functionality of an access router for voice and data. The NetVanta 5660 includes a Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF)-certified carrier Ethernet gateway, and can be optionally upgraded to include Enterprise Session Border Control (eSBC).

The integrated platform provides Gigabit throughput and offers:
  • Scalable Bandwidth Delivery: A cost-effective option to support current network demands and can grow with the customer’s future capacity requirements to symmetric Gigabit levels
  • Flexible Connectivity Options: Where traditional solutions may force fit an Ethernet-only termination device and require an additional modem or fiber NID, the NetVanta 5660 provides multiple interfaces for fiber and bonded SHDSL or VDSL2
  • Security and Reliability: Provides multiple levels of redundancy for carrier access services with intelligent failover capabilities and the ability to auto-recover to original configurations
  • Quality of Service (QoS): The non-blocking architecture of this product offers service providers greater QoS assurance. Customers can also prioritize and allocate bandwidth levels to specific voice, data or other managed services in order to meet specific SLAs.