56 DSX-1 or 6 DS3 Capacity Fiber-Fed OPTI-6100 Wallmount Solution

Part Number:

  • Deploys 28 DSX-1 and 2 DS3s when OC-3 fed, or 28 DSX-1 and 3 DS3s when OC-12 fed
  • Ethernet over SONET (EoS) 10/100/1000 MB can also be deployed from this solution
  • Intended for indoor use at the customer's premises

Bundled Components
Part Number: 1212073L1   Quantity: 1
Part Number: 1212073L2 CLEI: NCM524ZD_ _ Quantity: 1
Part Number: 1212071L1 CLEI: NCC1SN0D _ _ Quantity: 3
Part Number: 1184507L1 CLEI: SOPQAEGNAA Quantity: 1
Part Number: 1184505L1 CLEI: SOPQAFKNAA Quantity: 10
Part Number: 1175050L1   Quantity: 1
Part Number: 1184507L2 CLEI: SOPQAFDN_ _ Quantity: 1
Part Number: 1184501L1 CLEI: SOM3HOOGRA Quantity: 1
Part Number: 1175043L3   Quantity: 2
Provides an AC power source for DC-powered Total Access chassis
Part Number: 1175044L1   Quantity: 1
Battery backup system providing up to eight hoursuptime
Part Number: 1180043L2 CLEI: VAPUKTOC_ _ Quantity: 2