Total Access 850 AC Chassis (T1 RCU)

Part Number:

A Total Access 850 chassis bundled with a Router Controller Unit (RCU) and an external AC power supply

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Bundled Components
Part Number: 1175043L3   Quantity: 1
Provides an AC power source for DC-powered Total Access chassis
Part Number: 1175006L2   Quantity: 1
Total Access 850 module required for operation providing powerand integral ring generator
Part Number: 1175099L1   Quantity: 8
Blank module plug used for covering open slots
Part Number: 1200375L1   Quantity: 1
Modular Integrated Access Device (IAD) with two common slots and eight access slots for integrated voice and data applications
Part Number: 4203376L1#TDM   Quantity: 1
Total Access 850 Router Controller Unit (RCU) providing supportfor TDM applications