MX2800 DS3 AC/DC Redundant

Part Number:

  • A fully redundant M13 multiplexer that is AC/DC powered and has an optional built-in V.34 modem for management and battery backup system
  • System is complete with redundant controller cards, one 48V DC power supply, and one AC power supply.
  • Unit is 19" or 23" rackmountable and ships with one 8-pin to 8-pin modular cable, one modular to DB-9 female adapter.

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Bundled Components
Part Number: 1200657L2   Quantity: 1
Part Number: 1202289L1 CLEI: M3PQ0A4BAA Quantity: 1
Part Number: 1205288L2 CLEI: M3C3GDXA_ _ Quantity: 2
Part Number: 1202289L2 CLEI: M3PQ0A5BAA Quantity: 1
Part Number: 1200290L1   Quantity: 1
Part Number: 1175043L2   Quantity: 1
Part Number: 1175043L3   Quantity: 1
Provides an AC power source for DC-powered Total Access chassis