ProCare Help Desk

ProCare Help Desk, a 24x7 service for Bluesocket vWLAN and ProCloud Wi-Fi® customers, provides a "first response" to end-user Wi-Fi connectivity and usage questions. ProCare Help Desk is the industry's only manufacturer-provided help desk service and is a part of our award-winning ProServices portfolio.

Reliable, always on wireless connectivity is critical to your business. The wireless experience your company provides affects not only the employees' day to day business effectiveness, but also impacts your guest users and their perception of your company. Ensuring consistent, excellent wireless experiences for all your users is simple and affordable with ProCare Help Desk. Combined with ProCare or ProCloud Wi-Fi, Help Desk delivers support to every user, from the guest in the hotel to the IT administrator at the business.

ProCare Help Desk services include:

  • Resolving wireless-user connectivity problems
  • Escalating issues per defined support workflows
  • First response resolution - quickly and efficiently resolve user Wi-Fi concerns
  • Single point of contact for wireless needs
  • Supports multiple locations across the enterprise
  • Offloading IT's burdens so that customers can focus on business critical initiatives
  • Using as an overlay service to ProCare Maintenance or ProCloud Services
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