Employee Spotlights

Employee Spotlight: Oliver

Oliver: Sales Account Manager, Germany

Oliver has 25 years of sales experience with Siemen and NSN in the service provider area. Since 2004, Oliver has been in various sales manager and management responsibilities. In the operative function, he has served as technical manager/authorized officer in the fiber optic infrastructure expansion at STRABAG. And since March 01, 2019, he has served as Sales Manager for the German and Swiss market without Deutsche Telekom and back in Layer 2 business.

Employee Spotlight: Paul

Paul: Services Programme Manager, UK

I am very excited to have joined ADTRAN as the Services Programme Manager where I am responsible for the successful delivery of projects for UK & Ireland ongoing customer care. My focus is the growth of turnkey services through the development of win:win relationships with our customers and partners, built upon a foundation of quality service delivery, transparency and trust.

I joined ADTRAN with a broad range of change leadership and services experiences from sectors ranging from telecoms, to public safety, FMCG and even education.

Employee Spotlight: Anthony

Anthony: Regional Chief Technology Officer, APAC

Anthony is known for his expertise across the Information and Communications Technology sectors. Graduating with a Honors Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. He has amassed a 24 year career working in the telecommunications sectors, holding senior leadership roles in Tier 1 telecommunications organizations across Australia such as NBNco, Telstra, Optus, Uecomm and Vocus.

His role as Regional Chief Technology Officer – APAC is responsible for outlining the company's technological roadmap, implementing technology strategies and ensuring that development effort is aligned with the customer/industry needs across the APAC region. Establishing and growing strategic relationships and opportunities is a key measure of success for this role.

Employee Spotlight: Carsten

Carsten: Director Sales Account, Germany

I entered into ADTRAN on the 1st of October 2019 to take over the Sales Director role for Deutsche Telekom. This entry is my return to the origins of my business life. I had previously been in a sales director role in Siemens about Broadband Access/DSLAM portfolio for Deutsche Telekom. After this time in the early 2000’s, I transferred to Nokia Siemens Networks in 2007 and moved to optical network supplier Coriant, which was a descendent from Siemens, in 2013. All of these jobs are related to Deutsche Telekom. At the end of 2018, Coriant was acquired by optical networks supplier Infinera, where I was once again responsible for the Deutsche Telekom account.

Employee Spotlight: Gary

Gary: Senior Account Manager, England

Gary is a candid, passionate, open and pragmatic business person, capable of interpreting business needs and turning them into solutions that accommodates everyone’s needs. He loves learning new things and bringing different thinking to challenges. He possesses significant account management and business development experience and is highly versed in markets including Telco, CATV, Broadband, Enterprise, Retail Finance, System Integration, Gaming, Manufacturing, Hospitality, FMCG and Military. His proven track record is in analyzing customer needs, creating compelling propositions and investment justifications, running successful campaigns and improving results for all parties. He maintains excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to qualify business needs, turning them into robust revenue streams and positive outcomes.

He is married with two children, is the Chair of Governors at a local Primary School, he plays Clarinet & Tenor Saxophone and possesses a black belt in Shotokan Karate.

Employee Spotlight: Edna

Enda: Network Architect, Ireland

Enda joins ADTRAN as a Network Architect. Enda has nearly 25 years’ experience in the Service Provider industry. He has an extensive knowledge and experience of Juniper Networks products and holds numerous engineering and design certifications across the Juniper portfolio. Coupled with ADTRAN’s partnership with Juniper Networks, he will be working with ADTRAN’s Service Provider customers to help buildout core networks that will meet the demands of the highspeed access technologies being offered by ADTRAN. This will enable ADTRAN’s customers to build end to end reliable networks that can scale to meet future bandwidths demands and will provide agility and operational simplicity to adapt to changing landscapes.

Enda started his career working on remote access products in the dialup era and watched the evolution into DSL and DOCSIS with U.S. Robotics. He remained through the transition into 3Com Carrier Networks and UTStarcom working on many international projects for Service Providers. Enda then joined the Irish Service Provider Smart Telecom and helped build and run their National network. Enda, then joined Telindus and following their exit from the Irish market, was one of the founding members of Agile Networks. During his time with Agile Networks, Enda helped design and integrate numerous networks for Service Provider, Multi-National, SME and Public Sector customers.

Employee Spotlight: Lori

Lori: Operations Lead, Huntsville

I used to work for Mark Smith at UDS/Motorola. He left and started ADTRAN. Several years later Motorola decided to close. So Mr. Smith sent word for everyone to come and apply at ADTRAN due to the fact that he was going to start building products, not just Prototypes. I applied, got the job and here I am 20 years later still doing what I love to do.

I had a lot of experience that led to my having the opportunity to apply for Lead in Manufacturing several years after I started working here. It's been a wonderful place to work and I've made a lot of new friends over the years. Plus I work with a lot of people who came from UDS/Motorola when I did. I'm so blessed to have my job and I take it very seriously.

I feel so fortunate to work at such a beautiful place. It's the cleanest , nicest place I've ever had the privilege to work. I believe all of my co-workers take pride in the quality of work we do here. I love what I do, I am Lead in the Handload/Pressfit area of manufacturing, but we do so much more than just build Printed Circuit Boards's. I have enjoyed working with so many people that I've known for years, it's like a family.

Outside of work, I love spending time with my family. I love doing things for my family and friends, and I like to watch Big Brother (Reality TV) show, the Andy Griffith Show, Alabama Football and listen to Everything Elvis.

Employee Spotlight: Vincent

Vincent: Product Manager, Germany

I started as an intern in Greifswald, Germany coming freshly from a nearby University working on SDN concepts. After half a year in Greifswald, I spent another 6 months as a co-op in Huntsville, before turning into a full time employee. I like how ADTRAN is an industry leader in technology and how we embrace Open Networking. We have the right size to make a difference on the market but at the same time for me to feel like I'm making a difference within the company (compared to larger companies). I enjoy being involved on all ends from research & development to sales being the connector between people who are working on very different day to day tasks.

Outside of work, I'm spending a lot of time with my dog. He is with me in my home office all day (and it's a golden doodle who is super photogenic ;) I'm playing way too much online pc games with my friends. Used to play a lot of soccer and squash.

Employee Spotlight: Kristen

Kristen: ProServices Project Coordinator, Huntsville

I began as a technical support rep in the customer care center answering phones and opening support requests for customers. And I have worked my way up to a role as project coordinator for our ProServices installation team. Being a mother of two, I love that ADTRAN is a family oriented company. I get the opportunity to be there for the important moments in the lives of my kids and have a career that I love. One of my favorite parts about ADTRAN is the people I work with. We work as a team to solve problems and complete projects and we motivate each other. When I'm not at work, my family and I love spending time outdoors. We enjoy taking day trips to new places and trying new things.

Employee Spotlight: Darren

Darren: Product Support Manager, Huntsville

I attended college with Andy Kelley, who also still works here at ADTRAN. ADTRAN was looking for more technicians, so Andy remembered me from school and recommended me. I had a phone interview with Randall Gray, who was managing ADTRAN's technicians at the time, and was invited to an official interview with him and Mike McCleary, ADTRAN's operations manager. I was hired and started October 14th, 1987. I was 22 years old and wide-eyed with wonder and anticipation. I was blessed beyond measure with the opportunity to learn and grow with such a wonderful company.

The best part of working at ADTRAN is the atmosphere that is fostered, so many special relationships can be built in many facets along with opportunity to grow professionally. I feel like I am making a difference every day. So, I guess it is a feeling of accomplishment that I like most about my job.

I have always been an outside activity/sports enthusiast. Now that I am getting older, I don't participate in the more strenuous sports but I still like to challenge myself occasionally. I have recently purchased a kayak and really enjoy "floating" the local rivers with friends. I also still like to play golf every now and then just to keep that frustrating part of, "why can't I hit that perfect shot every time", feeling. I also enjoy my family. They mean more to me than anything.

Employee Spotlight: Linda

Linda: Engineering Technician, Huntsville

I started working here in 1989 doing rework for the technicians in manufacturing and also an Instructor for solder training classes. I've been working in Engineering for 20 years as a Soldering Specialist and I support design engineering for any of their soldering needs. My task range from component replacements to fabricating challenging modifications that are needed to troubleshoot and verify designs. The people here at ADTRAN make it a great place to work, it’s like my second family and I have so many friends for life here. We joke around with each other and have a great time, but we get our jobs done. ADTRAN has given me the great opportunity to grow within our company to what it is today. I love my job and the challenges that come with it. It gives me great satisfaction to know I am able to help and contribute to the success of our products and have the opportunity to work with so many wonderful people with various skill sets.

Outside of work I love spending time with my family and friends going camping and boating. I love attending my Grandson's baseball games, watching him at short stop, getting together with friends and watching Alabama football. It makes for a great Saturday in the fall. For time to myself, I work in the yard and ponder why weeds grow without my assistance. I like to do some photography especially when the flowers are blooming, leaves are changing colors, beautiful sunsets and the occasional snowfall we get here in Alabama.

Employee Spotlight: Brent

Brent: Systems Architect, Huntsville

I attended the Huntsville Vocational School as part of my high school curriculum (went to Grissom) in a computer electronics class. We learned basic programming and basic electronics. In the second year of taking this class, I was hired on at ADTRAN as a high school co-op on the manufacturing floor in the South tower in Dec '95. I worked on the floor until my sophomore year of college where I co-oped in college as a "parallel co-op" where I worked and went to school for 7 terms. I worked in PQ for a year and then the rest of the time in development. I participated in the Technical Development Program (TDP) where I got my masters at UAH in electrical engineering.

The best part about working here is learning new things. ADTRAN has to work on new technologies, implement new things and make things faster. There is a good group of people that we get to work with on a daily basis. I enjoy solving different problems, working with good/smart people, seeing that what I do makes a difference.

Outside of work I am also one of Jehovah's Witnesses and do community service by raising awareness about the good news from the bible as well as practical things that help the community at large to have happy and peaceful lives. I also participate in a volunteer construction group which builds and maintains our Kingdom Halls (buildings) worldwide, my responsibilities currently are for maintaining and updating Audio/Video/Data equipment in 54 buildings in North Alabama.

Outside of that for recreation I enjoy learning new things that have nothing to do with a computer. Basically I try really hard to not hire someone to do something, I try to do it myself (yes I consider this fun). I work on cars (I have a lift in my garage). I’ve done hard things like: clutch replacement, A/C compressor replacement, and head gasket replacement. I purchased a welder in 2017 and have been working on some aluminum and steel welding projects I do some finish carpentry projects like cabinets, doors, trim, and molding. I love to snow ski and enjoy teaching how to ski outside of work. I’ve taught 7 people so far! I also love skiing with my daughter (now 8) who started skiing at 2.

Employee Spotlight: Christie

Christie: Product Manager for ProServices, Huntsville

I started as a temporary Customer Care Supervisor while one of the employees was struggling through chemotherapy. I think my favorite part about working here at ADTRAN is our attitude toward the customer. Employees at ADTRAN are empowered to do what it takes to deliver what we promise, and if we fall short, we move mountains to make it right. I also enjoy the variety of what we get to do here. I get to work with all sorts of different people, products and services, trying to incorporate better use of technology into our processes, always with an eye toward minimizing internal effort and maximizing the customer experience.

Outside of work, I enjoy being a volunteer for A New Leash on Life, a local animal charity working to make Alabama a no-kill state, started by my sister. We are a growing organization, and my part on the Board and as the accountant, keeps growing with it. 10 years ago I could do the books in 5 hours a year...now I need 5 hours a week!

Employee Spotlight: Arun

Arun: DVT Engineer, Huntsville

In May 2010, I got a call from ADTRAN (the day after my daughter was born) with a job offer and I’ve been here ever since. I love the open door culture here. You can approach anyone at any level by just walking to their office. People are very talented and approachable. Every day there is something new to learn. And I also love my good size office facing the beautiful lake. As Product Owner of the Gfast NAM Solution team, my team and myself are responsible for North American market releases for Gfast products. Apart from working closely with my team, I also get to work with Product Management, Customer Sales Support and other R&D Engineers across different regions (Huntsville, Germany and India). So, it’s always something exciting everyday including dealing with the priority changes in customer deliverables and making sure the objective is still met on time. At the end of the day, everyone’s goal is to deliver a quality release to the customers. Also, the best part of my job is teamwork - collaborate together and deliver value to customer. I like to listen to any good music (any kind and no specific type). I like running, HIIT workout sessions and now trying to improve in strength training. I don’t watch every single Cricket and Football/Soccer game but I enjoy the world cup series. I’m trying to learn the American Football game and I have already chosen my favorite team (Hint: Roll Tide). Hopefully I will get better at it soon. Most of all – I love spending quality time with my 2 beautiful daughters and enjoying their achievements/milestones at every step of their way.

Employee Spotlight: Chae

Chae: ProServices Project Manager, Huntsville

I actually started at ADTRAN off of the referral of a friend! My absolute favorite thing about working here is being part of a team. It’s like working with a family. I also enjoy being able to use my experience and knowledge in telecommunications to solve problems for both our customers and my fellow employees. My life outside of work consists of being a taxi to a 10 year old athlete. When I'm on a mama break I love to travel!!!

Employee Spotlight: Chapman

Chapman: Mechanical Design Engineer, Huntsville

I got started here through the Co-Op program. I went through the process of interviewing and had three on-site interviews. I had received offers from the first two, but I still had an on-site interview at ADTRAN. I had actually already decided I would take another offer, but from the moment I pulled up to ADTRAN’s campus I felt like it was not only in the running, but possibly a new favorite. By the time my interviews and tour was over, I texted my family and asked them to start praying with me that I would get an offer. The campus was beautiful, the housing was perfect, the job seemed challenging but interesting, but more than anything, all of the people were extremely friendly and made me feel like I was at home. When I got the call, I was overjoyed, and I accepted right away.

In the mechanical engineering department, we are constantly getting different work to do, so things stay interesting and challenging at times, and that part of the job is really great, but as I noticed in my first day at ADTRAN, it’s the people at ADTRAN that make it such a great place to work. I’ve had the same manager and worked with the same group for 4 Co-Op terms, and now I’m a full-time employee with the same group. The main reason I decided to work here full-time was because my manager and co-workers have always been excellent mentors and have always created a great work environment.

As a mechanical design engineer, I’m responsible for designing the part of a product that a customer and technician will see and have their hands on. I’m also responsible for designing all of the mechanical components that provide adequate protection and structure to meet a customer’s need. The part of my job that I enjoy the most are the projects that enjoy the most design elements. These projects often involve problems that our department haven’t solved before, or the product needs to solve a list of problems while simultaneously accomplishing an aesthetic goal. I really enjoy these projects because our team often has to work together to solve the problem from an engineering perspective, but we also work close with designers to create a product that a customer will like to look at.

Well, I have way too many hobbies, I like to draw with charcoal, play guitar, play piano, and I spend time leading a Bible study, but my favorite thing in the world is Fly Fishing. Fly fishing is kind of a nerdy-man’s fishing. There is a pretty big balance between the physics and the artistic (kind of like being a Design Engineer). I tie my own flies at night after work and hit the water on the weekends. I’m slightly addicted to the whole process: getting away from the noise, finding a stream in the woods, figuring out what bugs are hatching in the water, sneaking up to a trout, and convincing him to take a fly that I designed and tied. My addiction can be summed up by a quote from every fly fisherman’s favorite movie, A River Runs Through It, “All good things-trout as well as eternal salvation-come by grace, and grace comes by art and art does not come easy.” I chase the thrill of the catch, but I love the never-ending challenge to get better.

Employee Spotlight: Gownsheng

Gownsheng: Operations Lead for Mechanical, Huntsville

I work as an Operations lead for mechanical. My team and I build a lot of the hardware that we use at ADTRAN. We put the units together, do a lot of prep work and are heavily involved with ICT circuit testing on our products. I have worked at ADTRAN for 10 years now after I worked for 9 months as a Temp and I have been a team lead for almost 2 years. My favorite part about my job is achieving our daily goal with my team. It’s always fun to motivate them and help them. I also love building with my hands. It’s always been something I’ve been good at and I’m glad my job is based on that. Something people may not know about me is that I love to eat! I love Sushi and Mexican food.

Employee Spotlight: Melanie

Melanie: SMT Operator, Huntsville

I am a SMT (Surface Mount Technology) Operator here at ADTRAN. I take all of the parts that have been provided to me from people like Janie and Linda and I build a raw PCB card for whatever product it is needed for. The PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is then sent off to other areas and people that continue working on it. I’ve worked here for 18 years. My absolute favorite part about my job here is the challenge of building new prototypes. I enjoy thinking outside the box. Each one is different and helps keep me on my toes.

Employee Spotlight: Linda

Linda: Set-up Operator, Huntsville

I am a Set-up operator. Basically what that means is that I will take the reels and put them onto the feeder that feeds them over to the SMT Operators. I will have worked here at ADTRAN for 2 years this September. I think my favorite part about working here is actually the people I get to work with. I love the other employees around me and love how close I am with all of them. Something fun that I like to do outside of work is play softball! I am a pitcher on 2 different traveling softball teams.

Employee Spotlight: Janie

Jannie: SMT Setup/Programmer, Huntsville

I am a SMT (Surface Mount Technology) Setup/Programmer. I spend a lot of time doing both of these. I am basically the beginning of the process that will eventually turn into one of our products. In the DC Warehouse, I receive all of the parts, scan them into our system and then send them out to the different SMT operators who use them. I also program Integrated Circuits (IC’s) and actually download everything that is needed for them. I’ve worked here at ADTRAN for 19 years now. My favorite part about my job is working the Monday - Thursday shift. I love being able to work during the week and start my weekend a day early on Friday. I love poetry and music, and I’m currently trying to learn how to play the guitar.

Employee Spotlight: David

David: Director of ProServices, Huntsville

I’m part of the team that delivers the professional services (installations, maintenance, etc.) related to the routers, switches, IP business gateways, and Wi-Fi solutions that ADTRAN sells to business customers through service providers and resellers. The people are the best part. When I started at ADTRAN 22 years ago I was intimidated by the level of talent around me and wondered if I would ever be able to keep up. Now I’m inspired by that talent and how it is used to solve customers’ problems. I like the fact that I’m working for a company that is innovative enough to remain relevant for more than three decades in a very dynamic, competitive industry while at the same time being conservative enough to avoid the boom and bust cycles that have destroyed so many other high tech companies. That is very unique. In addition to watching my kids compete in volleyball and track, I enjoy playing racquetball and exploring Americana’s back roads, dirt roads, and trails on my dual sport motorcycle.

Employee Spotlight: Tom

Tom: Web Marketing Manager, Huntsville

I am the web marketing manager and I am responsible for the design and production of all web projects for ADTRAN and sub domains. The web team works for continual improvement on all web based marketing projects for ADTRAN. I really like working with our creative department at ADTRAN and having my work very prominently visible to employees, partners and customers of ADTRAN. I enjoy working through design issues on the web and having a completed project finished in the end. ADTRAN makes technology better for communication and keeping people connected. Outside of work I love to mountain bike, kayak and go camping. I like to go to shows and I have a podcast/tv show I produce promoting events, music and art here in Huntsville.

Employee Spotlight: Ann

Ann: IT Helpdesk Specialist, Huntsville

I am an IT Helpdesk Specialist which means I do a little bit of everything - from account setups to troubleshooting iPhones! I am also involved in ordering and setting up mobile phones and one of the 3 admins for our new IT ServiceDesk ticket system that we launched in July. The best part about working at ADTRAN is the family atmosphere! I've been here 11 years and our group is a big family. Each day is a new challenge and very rarely like the day before. Some days are a bit more exciting than others but for the most part I love the way that each day presents something new. I also love that being part of the ServiceDesk means that I get to meet the new employees and assist with getting them settled in as well as dealing with just about everyone else in the company. When I'm not setting up mobile phones or resetting passwords, I love travel, photography, going to concerts, and hanging out with my husband Rich and our 4 cats.

Employee Spotlight: Gloria

Gloria: Receptionist, Huntsville

I am the receptionist for the lobby in the North Tower here at ADTRAN. My favorite part about working here is the people that I get to see every day as well as the benefits that we get. ADTRAN takes care of their employees. Plus, being able to look out the window and see our beautiful campus always helps brighten my day. I love having the opportunity to interact with internal and external customers. Having a public relations character makes it easy. I love my job. I’ve been here for 23 years. I also worked with Quality Assurance for the first 5 years which I also totally enjoyed. Something I really enjoy doing outside of work is playing the piano and singing in my church choir.

Employee Spotlight: Gloria

Rod: Mailroom, Huntsville

By day I work in the ADTRAN mailroom delivering mail all over the campus, but I am also an artist who loves to draw and sketch. Throughout the day I get to meet with almost everyone at our headquarters and I enjoy being able to take the burden off of others when it comes to shipping. Sending and receiving packages at work can get confusing, so I’m happy to assist with calculating rates, tracking and making the process as painless as possible. Outside of work I like reading and being outdoors but what I really enjoy is drawing, including scenic sketches and portraits.

Employee Spotlight: Jenny

Jenny: Creative Services Manager, Huntsville

My role is to elevate the brand by leading the design and marketing operations teams. My team’s role within ADTRAN is to increase brand awareness, brand alignment and promote the efficiency of movement with marketing operations. For me, the best part about working here is being present in the rotating circle of knowledge. There are so many skilled individuals at this company! I enjoy learning from other generations, and I love teaching others that good design is good business.