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End-of-Life Information

As technology advances, ADTRAN will need to replace or discontinue some products in favor of others that better serve consumer and industry needs.

Product Withdrawal Notices (PWNs) and Product Change Notices (PCNs) are used to communicate the decision to discontinue or replace a product.  These documents contain important dates, transition suggestions, and information about a replacement product (if one exists). Products with replacements will not be withdrawn until the replacement product is available for shipping.

The standard timeline for a product being discontinued or replaced is at least 180 days from beginning to end.  There are 90 days between the day the PWN or PCN is sent and the last available order date and another 90 days between the last order date and the final shipping date. These timeline estimates are subject to change, when warranted.

Warranty periods are not changed by the withdrawal or replacement of a product.

End-of-Life-Cycle Overview

End-of-Life Cycle Overview

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