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Partner with a company who designs network solutions specifically for SMB and Enterprise customers and prices them appropriately for the market. With the right products at the right price, you will have less pressure to offer discounts – you can win more deals, and close deals faster with ADTRAN. Imagine, double-digit margins, plus the opportunity to offer network management solutions and provide recurring service revenue.
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Our Partner Program is intended to be as smart, profitable, and simple as possible. By extending financial incentives across every partner level, we make it easy for both small and large partners to be competitive and win deals.

Partner Levels


As Registered Partner, you gain access to the resources you need to begin selling our network solutions. The Registered level is an entry level to the program that provides a clear growth path toward building a stronger relationship with us. Registered Partners are eligible for specialization to achieve higher partner status within the program.


The ADvantage Partner level is designed to deliver valuable benefits to help you succeed and strengthen our mutual relationship. ADvantage Partners participate at the midtier level in the partner program and are able to gain additional benefits through specialization and opportunity registration.

ADvantage Plus

ADvantage Plus Partners participate at the highest level of the program through vWLAN and Internetworking specializations.  With this expertise, and additional discounts earned through deal registration as well as specific vertical market focus, our ADvantage Plus partner level delivers maximum profitability. Additional discounts are earned through network specializations and through our opportunity registration program.

Training & Specializations

Partner programs include a series of specializations designed to equip qualified partners with the market and technical knowledge required to excel in selling, configuring, and installing our products and solutions. Specialization in our solutions validate partners’ technical competency and delivers higher levels of partnership. Professional and Expert specializations are available to all Partner levels.

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