Product Security

Software Security has become the most vital issue in the technology field today. ADTRAN believes software security in our world-class products to be more important now than ever before.

ADTRAN has adopted the ISO 27001 Standard as the foundation for our product security program.

Product Security Incident Response Team

Our Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) is a carefully selected group of ADTRAN employees specifically tasked with responding to security incidents with our product line.

Report Security Vulnerabilities

Report any potential or real instances of security vulnerabilities with any ADTRAN products to the ADTRAN PSIRT at [email protected].

When you send us an email, give as much information as possible. You should encrypt any sensitive information you send to us using our PGP public key. It is also available at various key servers.

All issues reported to the PSIRT will be investigated. Patches will be generated where necessary and a security advisory will be released. Unless you inform us otherwise, it is our usual practice to cooperate with other affected security vendors and organizations such as CERT/CC to share vulnerability information and patches.


ISO 27001: 2013

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PGP Public Key

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