About Sustainability

Commitment to the Environment

As a good steward of the environment, ADTRAN actively promotes eco-friendly manufacturing processes, energy efficiency, and conservation. Our commitment is not only to global regulations and policies but is part of a green philosophy extended into our local community, as well as, our corporate, campus-wide environment.

Environmental Accomplishments

Among our many accomplishments, ADTRAN has developed manufacturing processes which allow us to control the amount of air emissions and hazardous waste produced. We also have a safety and health program which includes hazardous communication and environmental awareness training for all of our employees. Additionally, ADTRAN is in compliance with all federal, state, and local regulations regarding air emissions and hazardous waste. Additional achievements include:

  • Air Emissions
    ADTRAN has effectively eliminated air emission concerns associated with its manufacturing processes by utilizing water-based, non-hazardous flux on all manufacturing lines. For the greatest air-filtering efficiency, we currently utilize Impel filtering system hoods to exhaust our manufacturing equipment.
  • Green Energy
    Across our campus, we have implemented practices that better utilize and conserve energy. For example, we phased out non-green fluorescent light bulbs via our bulb-replacement maintenance program and are now using energy-saving compact fluorescent bulbs, where feasible. We have also reduced energy consumption through our best facility maintenance practices, which include implementing after-hours equipment operational set-backs, and installation of energy-saving equipment, such as variable-speed drive motors.
  • Hazardous Waste
    ADTRAN is listed as a small-quantity generator of hazardous wastes. To ensure greatest safety and compliance, all hazardous waste is hauled and disposed of by a licensed hazardous waste transporter.
  • Landfill Waste Reduction
    A campus-wide recycling program has been established for corrugated cardboard, wood pallets, and batteries.
  • Packaging/Shipping
    ADTRAN uses recycled packaging materials whenever possible and all packaging materials can now be recycled.
  • Water Discharge
    ADTRAN submits annual reports to governing authorities outlining compliance with water discharge regulations. Our local government inspects annually to ensure total compliance.